ZG Technology is a professional metrology-grade 3D Scanner solution provider in China based on independent Intellectual Property Right, cutting-edge technologies and achievements from Wuhan University. They develop, manufacture, and sell 3D portable measurement technologies and provide engineering services.

As an authorised Master Seller of ZG Portable Scanning Solutions, we can offer you some of ZG’s high-tech 3D Scanners and 3D Metrology Solutions. 

Some of the high-tech scanners we offer include, MarvelScan, Hyperscan Plus, RigelScan, AtlaScan and more.



High QA™ provides integrated manufacturing quality management software (QMS) solutions for manufacturing companies of every size to streamline and cost-effectively manage quality processes and efficiently work in partnership with their entire supply chain.

The innovative software solutions provide all the procedures, workflows, structures and resources needed to monitor, manage, communicate and document your manufacturing and quality processes.

With High QA manufacturing quality management software solutions, your products are delivered within tolerance, comply with all applicable standards, and are made in less time with less mistakes.


AESUB – the new revolutionary scanning spray. AESUB helps to digitize reflective and transparent surfaces. It evaporates after the 3D scan. No more mess, no more cleaning, easy to apply, thin layer, super quality – state-of-the-art scanning spray!
AESUB sprays enable faster, more efficient and more accurate 3D scanning processes.


CHOTEST is a national high-tech enterprise integrating research, development, production and sales. Committed to the design and production of precision measuring instruments and calibration instruments.

Their products have been used widely in government Metrology and Quality Inspection agencies, automotive, aerospace, machinery, metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical and other industries.
CHOTEST focuses on technology development & innovation of precision measurement equipment and sophisticated testing equipment with the motto of Self-Discipline. Their goal is to provide high-end measuring equipment to manufacturing industries all over the world.

METROLOGYBASE is one of the companies in the industry that designs and manufactures support equipment for 3D measurement devices. They manufacture many stand and fixture equipment to make 3D measurements easier and more accurate.

These products are designed to work with laser scanners, 3D measuring arms, bridge type CMMs, gantry type CMMs, horizontal arm CMMs, and many existing 3D measurement devices.

Driven by a vision to simplify the lives of businesses and individuals for an ever-better future, Elite Robots is a leading manufacturer of collaborative robots, also known as cobots.

Its lightweight, fast and easy-to-use robots stand out for their reliability and cost-effectiveness, reinforcing everyday Elite Robots’ founding motto “Always easier than before.”


Elite Robots

Eleven Dynamics is the future of automation.

They are an innovative startup reshaping the world of automation, robotics, and metrology.

As the world’s first open platform for automated metrology, Eleven Dynamics helps companies to create a SMART FACTORY 4.0. With their NEXOS 4.0 and NEXOS AIR products, you can already experience your smart factory of the future today based on measurement technology.

Eleven Dynamics


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